Glow BodyActive (60 Capsules)


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  • All NEW and IMPROVED formula

  • 100% natural patented active ingredients 

  • Scientifically-proven super antioxidants

  • NO artificial stimulants or laxatives - EVER!

  • Fights signs of aging

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Product Description

A 30-day weight loss journey to a healthier, happier you!

Fact #1: Two servings a day of GLOW™ BodyActive contains the recommended 400mg daily dosage of standardised Svetol® that is scientifically proven to be effective for weight loss and body toning.

Fact #2: The combination of GLOW™ BodyActive’s ingredients has been shown to produce better and faster weight loss results, in as early as two weeks, than just single ingredients used alone.

We promise that you will dazzle and glow. Now you can look good and feel good while losing weight! GLOW™ BodyActive is a powerful thermogenic healthy weight loss formula developed in the USA, and the #1 award-winning natural supplement in Guardian & Watsons stores for the past 3 years running.

It manages your appetite and kickstarts your metabolic rate to increase calorie burning. It also helps improve blood supply to muscles, reducing harmful effects of free radicals for better post-workout recovery. A perfect complement to your weekly workouts!

Take 2 capsules every morning or twice a day with your regular meals e.g. lunch and dinner. As a workout booster, take an additional 1-2 capsules before exercising. To achieve best results, use daily with a sensible diet and exercise program. At GLOW™, we take pride in making sure our products contain no artificial stimulants or chemical ingredients that cause harmful side effects. We've spent years of research and work with a dedicated expert team of scientists, pharmacologists and toxicologists – and we get feedback from our consumers – to deliver a world-class product to you. As advocates of a healthy lifestyle, we always recommend the use of our product with good nutrition and a regular exercise regime to achieve all-rounded holistic wellness.

Subjects on GLOW™ BodyActive increase in body weight reduction occur as early as 2 weeks after initiating supplementation and extended the weight loss to week 4 (2.26 ± 1.37 % to 3.86 ± 1.93 %). This increase in body weight reduction were retained in both normal and high BMI selected group (net weight reduction 2.85 kg and 2.55 kg, respectively). Thus, the current study indicated that the use of herbal extracts combination in GLOW™ BodyActive results in better and faster (as early as 2 weeks) weight loss effect in comparison to products containing only Svetol® or Powergrape®.

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